Mosa was born in 2013. Five months after her birth, Mosa’s mother committed suicide, leaving Mosa and her brother homeless and without any care taker. When the government nominated their grandmother as the most suitable caretaker, she quit her job and moved to the village where the children lived. She had no home, very little money and few possessions.  

She knew they needed a home, but didn’t have money to buy or build one... So she gathered rocks, mud and grass and built them a little home with her own two hands. She found a piece of tin to use for a door, and some shipping pallets for them to sleep on. That has been their home the past 5 years.

When we met Mosa, she was covered head to toe in a skin fungus, extremely malnourished, with hardly any clothes on. She was technically too young to be added to our program, but we couldn’t turn her away.

Their home is about an hour’s hike from our care center, down a steep mountain. This presents a huge challenge, as she is so young and often too tired to make the hike. We got her skin cleared up, started feeding her good meals, and purchased new clothes for her. Those things helped a lot, but her situation was still pretty terrible. 

Their grandmother’s effort at building them a home was noble, but the house hasn’t held up. The roof has caved in and the door doesn’t shut. A few weeks ago we had temperatures of 16 degrees Fahrenheit and about a foot of snow. Their roof doesn’t keep moisture out, so they sleep under a large piece of plastic to keep dry. You can imagine how cold it is without a proper roof, or closing door.

 We spoke to the chief and local land counselors requesting a piece of land for their family near the care center. We were approved for the land the next day, and will begin construction on their new home this week. In addition to a new home, we also want to purchase a mattress and blankets for them to sleep on. There are still many needs that need to be met for this family, but we know this will be a step in the right direction.

We began to realize that this house probably couldn’t be repaired. We also have huge concerns about the location of their home. They don’t have any neighbors nearby and it’s too far for Mosa to safely walk to the care center on her own.

In our years of ministry here, this is the most desperate situation we’ve seen. It seems hopeless, but we know that our God specializes in redeeming hopeless situations. We need your prayers, and your help as we seek to build a better life for Mosa, her grandmother, and her brother. Would you consider giving to helping us build a new house, and to purchase some bedding for this family?

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When giving, list Mosa's name in the box titled "note." 

Please keep them in your prayers, and us as we seek to care for them.

Love and prayers, 

The Reclaimed Team