I’m Steve Kinsley and in July I was blessed to be named the new Executive Director of The Reclaimed Project. I am so happy to be joining an organization who shares my passions for Africa, adoption and orphan care, as well as services for at-risk kids and their families.


I made a mid-life shift from a technology sector executive to an independent missionary. That’s a long story that I can share later, but it resulted in relocating to South Africa, working alongside faith based community development projects and local ministries to serve orphans and vulnerable children and their caregivers.


After spending six years as a missionary, we returned to the United States due to a family health crisis. I missed Africa. I missed serving in a significant way, and I missed the relationships we had built. Begrudgingly, I went back to my roots in technology and began working for a new telecommunications provider. The LORD knew what he was doing. In the middle of my 2nd year there, my wife Teresa was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. By taking that position, the LORD placed us in a company not only with excellent health benefits but one whose management afforded me time off so that I never missed a doctor’s appointment or a treatment. After a 3 year battle, Teresa went to be with Jesus, and my employer allowed me to adjust my schedule so that I could effectively care for our youngest son who was still at home.

Earlier this year, that company was sold, and I knew I would not be retained. As I began seeking direction for the next phase of my life, I prayed that I could move to a position where I could do something significant. Once again, the LORD had the answer in The Reclaimed Project.

Ministering in Africa. Check.


Working with at-risk kids and their families. Check.


Adoption and Orphan Care. I’m an adoptive dad. Check.


Doing something significant for Jesus. Check.


Not only had the LORD used my entire life to prepare me for The Reclaimed Project but HE had prepared The Reclaimed Project for me.


And I have a sense that HE has prepared The Reclaimed Project for you too. You have an opportunity to do something significant as well by becoming one of our Partners. Our partners PRAY. Our partners VOLUNTEER. Our partners GIVE.


You can sign up to partner with us by visiting reclaimedproject.org/donate.


I look forward to hearing your stories of how you are impacting your world.


God Bless, 

Steve Kinsley