Keith Speights has been one of Reclaimed Project's most faithful and consistent donors.  He has recently written Financial Advice from God, an amazing book which discusses financial principles from God's word.  This book is filled with wisdom and there is even a chapter designated to Reclaimed Project.  Mr. Speights has generously committed to giving all profits from sales of his book to the ministry of Reclaimed.  Not only does this book benefit our ministry but it will also benefit those who read it by aiding them as they seek to understand the Lord's will for their finances.

"The ten principles outlined in Financial Advice from God provide the blueprint for anyone to manage money wisely, whether they live in an affluent community or in a village in southern Africa.  This book makes God's advice on financial matters easy to understand and apply."- Jason Stoker, Executive Director, Reclaimed Project


If you would like to purchase Financial Advice from God, you can do so here.


Keith Speights writes regularly about financial topics for the Motley Fool.  His articles have appeared on leading financial websites including AOL, CNBC, CNN, Fox Business, MSN, Time, USA Today, and Yahoo!.  Keith has also written Bible study curricula for adults and students.  His background includes serving in management and consulting roles for the healthcare technology, health insurance, and medical device industries, most recently as CEO of a medical device integration technology company.