When God called me to missions, I thought it might also be a call to singleness.  Kasey Shackelford and I felt called to move to Botswana immediately after graduating college.  We didn't have boyfriends, fiancés or plans for jobs after Africa.  We just knew we had to go...we had to say "YES" to God.  We had to stop "waiting at the bus stop" of life.  The "bus stop oflife" was our analogy for waiting for life to begin until your husband shows up!

When we said "yes" to God's calling, we said, "not right now" to the prospect of a fiancé, marriage, and paying jobs.  That was SCARY..and that was the beginning of the great adventure.  Adventures with God can be scary, exhilarating, and they are always life changing.  Those days in Botswana will go down as some of my sweetest times with the Lord and some of the hardest times I've ever experienced.  I learned to make Him my "plan" and my deepest love.  I wouldn't trade them for anything.

Somewhere along the way- in His kindness- God lead me back to Brett.  Brett and I have a love story that began, paused, and began again.  When Brett and I came back together...I wasn't "waiting for him at the bus stop."  I was on a great adventure with my God.  I was already IN LOVE with Him...and that finally allowed me to really love Brett.  That PAUSE was God working in our hearts and equipping us to love one another and to live for His glory.  That pause was HARD, but BEST.  Doesn't God often work mightily during the,"pause?"

If you are worried to say YES to God because of what you might miss out on...let me just encourage you.  You risk NOTHING saying YES, and EVERYTHING saying NO.  His plan is majestic, breathtaking, mind-blowing...it's GOOD and it's BETTER than your plan for yourself.  So what are you waiting for??  What's your "bus stop?"  Get moving, get going...THIS is the time.  He's writing your story NOW

-Allison Barnhill