Reclaimed Project is dedicated to fulfilling our biblical mandate to care for orphans and widows.


Lesotho is a landlocked country in the mountains of southern Africa. There, our Basotho brothers and sisters face overwhelming challenges:

Reclaimed Project works with the International Mission Board and by equipping local churches to care for the needs of the poor in their communities.  There are three challenges specifically that are a priority to Reclaimed Project:


Lesotho has the second highest HIV/AIDS rate in the world.  Consequently, many children live in a home where their primary caregiver is sick with HIV/AIDS.  

This, combined with widespread poverty, has resulted in a number of additional problems:

  • There are an increasing number of child-headed homes

  • Some children have to walk up to 2 hours to attend school.  Many children do not have proper shoes to walk these distances.

  • Winters in Lesotho fall to sub-zero temperatures, and many children do not have warm clothing or blankets to protect them from the cold

  • Only 20% of youth in Lesotho will attend high school because they cannot pay required school fees, purchase uniforms, or buy their books. 

  • Many children do not receive adequate nutrition, limiting their ability to pay attention at school

  • Many children are required to look after livestock, cook, and care for their younger siblings instead of attending school

Reclaimed Project cares for orphaned/vulnerable children by:

  • Tutoring them after school
  • Providing a nutritious daily meal, a daily vitamin, and warm clothing
  • Paying for their school fees, school uniforms, and shoes
  • Teaching them God’s word
  • Fostering a safe space for them to play
  • Surrounding them with loving adults who care about them  

Lesotho is facing the worst drought in recent history, and two successive crop failures. The drought and crop failures have lead to a massive hunger crisis that is expected to impact communities for years to come.

Reclaimed Project addresses hunger by:

  • Providing alternative income through making and selling of crafts
  • Chicken projects 
  • Providing children at the care centers with a daily meal

Nearly all of the Basotho engage in subsistence farming. However, only 11% of the land in Lesotho is arable. The recent drought has left most of the land in Lesotho barren and there are few alternative ways to generate income.  

Reclaimed Project addresses unemployment by:

  • Providing jobs through the making/selling of crafts 
  • Teaching Biblical principals of financial management like saving and giving 
  • All Basotho who make/sell crafts through Reclaimed Project also give a percentage of their income to support orphans in their own communities.

At Reclaimed Project, we believe there is no greater poverty than life without Christ. In all we do, we seek to share the life-giving hope of the gospel. Our deepest desire is that all the Basotho would come to know Christ as their Savior. We pray that our love for the poor is an expression and picture of Christ’s love for the Church.